After years of research and planning, The Missouri Aviation Historical Society is proud to announce the culmination of its efforts by introducing the Missouri Aviation Hall of Fame!

Missouri is indeed fortunate to have such a rich aviation history. One of the primary missions of the Missouri Aviation Historical Society is to preserve and honor those persons who have contributed to Missouri’s aviation history.  What better way to be “on mission” than to spotlight those who have made significant contributions to that history?

After conducting several years of research into how other states have conducted similar programs, the Missouri Aviation Historical Society will begin our celebration of honor.  Ten nominees will be selected, researched, and inducted in this inaugural group of inductees in 2018.  These ten nominees will be selected according to specific guidelines, as well as be selected by way of setting precedence for the type of person to be honored.  There will be nominees from all over the state, from many walks of life, including courageous pilots, industrialists, aviation pioneers, aircraft builders, inventors, and many more.

In all cases, the nominees will be selected based on three primary criteria – the extent of their influence on aviation, the extent of their connection to Missouri, and the extent to which their history is documented in the nomination submission.  More information will follow. The Missouri Aviation Hall of Fame will soon provide a set of nomination guidelines so that anyone may nominate a person for consideration as 2019 inductees.

We hope you will join with us and participate in this exciting new program. Stay tuned for further announcements!

4 thoughts on “Missouri Aviation Hall of Fame

  1. i would be interested in donated my aunt and uncles story to the missouri hall of fame, and also my dad. they were both from the missouri.

  2. I have been assessing a collection of aviation history that belongs to Les Mauldin of San Saba, Texas. Les Mauldin taught mechanics to WWI pilots and flying to WWII pilots, built flying school in Brownsville, Texas and contributed to international relations between the United States and Mexico long before Charles Lindbergh became famous. Les live in Fulton, Missouri for a while. While there, he partnered with Walter F Henderson to create Henderson-Mauldin Aero Service (1921) and became an aerial acrobat when he joined Herb Kindred’s Flying Circus. In Texas he and his wife Eva Etelka Linn (from Missouri) became first couple to wed 1,000 above the ground. If interested please contact.

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