Numerous aviation historians, enthusiasts, and former/current Sabreliner employees joined us on Thursday November the 21st for a celebration and presentation on the Sabreliner’s 50th anniversary. The night included various announcements, tables full of company memorabilia, a custom cake, and a very intriguing presentation/video by former employee Doug Allen. Although parts of the plane were assembled in California, the people of St. Louis and Perryville put the plane into the skies. Sabreliner currently maintains their facility in Perryville, while the former buildings at Lambert St. Louis International Airport are now leased by Boeing’s Phantom Works division. You can view photos of the event below, taken by MOAVHIST member’s Chase Kohler, Joe Gurney, and Myron Lane. Special thanks to Sabreliner Corporation for their support!

View the entire presentation here!

Pictured in the below photos (Alphabetical order):

Doug Allen-Guest Speaker (former Sabreliner employee)

Susan Aselage-President & Vice Chairman

Kevin Jordan-St. Director of rotary wing

Tracy Ogle-VP Helicopter Operations programs

Bill Parker-Director of Operations

Harry Schilling – Manager-Production Planning

Steve Sperry-VP Business Development

Jerry Wade-VP of Compliance

One thought on “November Meeting- Sabreliner’s 50th Anniversary!

  1. Hello MOAVHIST Staff: First of all wishing you the best by the time you read this. My name is Luis Martinez, I’m from Venezuela. I got my Sabreliner PIC training at the age of 22 (now I’m 24) at Flight Safety International, Saint Louis – MO althought, due to insurance reasons and low flying time (I had around 350 TT by the time I took the course) I used to fly it on the right seat. I would like to know if you have information about the yungest Sabreliner Pilot in history. I movedto another Company just for the fact that they were going to sell the Sabre, I felt in love with it since it was my first, and so far the only, jet airplane I’ve ever flown. You have no idea how much I miss to fly with my Sabre. I have a youtube channel where you can watch a lot of videos of my flights in the Sabre.

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